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What does a project like "Plumes Croisées" represent for the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs?
From the point of view of the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs, the "Plumes Croisées" project primarily conveys a message of hope. Patrick Chappatte has been able to enlist cartoonists of all persuasions and from all over the world for the various editions. With different ethnic, religious and political backgrounds, belonging either to majority or to minority groups in their country, they all responded to this call to put pen to paper and defend the values contained in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Although often painful, addressing these issues, putting them on paper, and getting them across to the public in the various editions of "Plumes Croisées" is a powerful way to deal with the past and point out a number of persistent problems in the host countries. That is why it is important for the FDFA to be involved. It is precisely by using laughter to exorcise a nation's demons in this way that you can give hope to those who need it most, develop a collective awareness of the rights that stem from respect for human dignity, and offer a glimpse of a future society that reflects respect for those rights.

For these various reasons the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs is proud to have supported the project from the beginning. "Plumes Croisées" has made us laugh, moved us and made us aware that our reality isn't necessarily that experienced by others, and we hope it will continue to do so for many years to come.

Long live "Plumes Croisées"!